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Instruction Manual for BabyMilk
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  • Press the button to start the unit.

  • Fill the base with water - do not pass the MAX line.

  • Turn the dial to the appropriate time, based on the bottle’s size, material and on the quantity of milk.

  • At the end of the cycle, there is an audible signal (5 beeps) and flashing indicator light.  Press the button again and the unit will stop beeping, then unplug the appliance.  



  • Before cleaning, unplug the appliance and allow it to cool down completely.

  • Never immerse the housing in water to clean.

  • Wipe the outside surface with a wet cloth.

  • Do not use corrosive detergent, detergent with chemical powders or hard metal wire mesh to clean, as this will damage the appliance surface, affect the service life and cause safety problems.

  • Do not use sharp items or metal tools to touch components in the middle of the heating plate, as this may cause electric shock.

  • When not in use, clean and dry the appliance, and then put it into the packing box and store it in a dry place with good ventilation.

  • Steam cover and baby bottle tray are dishwasher safe and can be sterilized.  

  • We recommend you use fresh water to warm milk and sterilize utensils for every use.

  • Every 50 cycles, fill the tank with water and white vinegar or the Beaba cleaning product for Babycook (15 ml white vinegar + 15 ml water).

  • Leave to soak until deposits have completely disintegrated (one night).

  • Rinse with clear water several times.  


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