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Where are BEABA products made?

All of BEABA's products are designed in France, but not all items are manufactured in France.

Babycook: Made in China

Classic Rice Insert: Made in France

Babycook Book: Printed in USA

Silicone Multiportion Trays, 2oz: Made in France

Silicone Multiportion Trays, 3oz + 5oz: Made in Italy

Silicone Spoons: Made in China

Formula/ Snack Container: Made in China

Clip Containers: Made in Malaysia

360 Spoon: Made in China

Ellipse Bowl: Made in China

2nd Stage Soft Cutlery: Made in China

Diaper Bags: Made in China

For any items introduced in the US market, they are put through rigorous testing to ensure they meet (or exceed) US standards and CPSIA guidelines. BEABA is proud to offer high quality products. 

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  • 07-Jul-2016