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Where does the water go for steaming?
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First, determine the amount of water needed depending on the type of food you are steaming (see instruction manual). Babycook’s bowl has graduation marks (1,2,3) that help you measure out the water needed to start a steaming cycle.


Babycook Classic:


Remove the round lid, which is located directly above the steam/blend knob, and then pour water into the heating reservoir in the main body of the appliance.


Babycook Pro/ Pro 2X:


The water reservoir is filled via the small hole under the handle. To find the water reservoir, release the lid by pressing the colored latch on the top of the lid. Then lift the lid until it is positioned like clock hands clock at 12 o’clock. Pour water into the heating reservoir by placing the lip of the bowl on the upper edge of the reservoir. For the Pro 2X, make sure to pour water in the reservoir on the side you wish to steam.


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